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Q: What types of articles does the MBR publish?

A: The Muma Business Review publishes open access articles that are grounded in business research but are written in a style that should be accessible to the practicing manager. Articles are prepared in a prescribed format using MBR templates. Currently, the following types of articles are supported:

  • Relevant theory article
  • Empirical findings article
  • Research case studies
  • Example case studies
  • Novel idea papers
  • Research debates
  • Research question reviews
  • Opinion pieces
  • Industry analyses
  • Research summaries for practice
  • Interviews
  • Research method reviews

Detailed instructions regarding the purpose and preparation of each of these templates can be found by searching for the individual template name or by listing Resources.

Q: What are the rules for copying MBR articles?

A: The Muma Business Review publishes all its articles open access at no cost for educational use, which means you can and your students can copy them and distribute them in electronic form as needed. The front page of each article indicates this in the footnote, which can be helpful when a third party–such as Kinkos–is used to make copies. MBR articles should not be resold and the journal should be contacted regarding situations where more than 10 copies are being made for commercial purposes.

Q: When do MBR printed volumes come out?

A: Annually, shortly after the end of each year.

Q: How do I write an article for the MBR?

A: The Muma Business Review has a separate site for the submission and peer review of cases. Brief instructions for getting started and site access can be found on the Authors page of this website.

Q: How do I become a reviewer for MBR submissions?

A: The Muma Business Review encourages novice and experienced researchers and practitioners to become reviewers and to mentor authors. Brief instructions for getting started and site access can be found on the Reviewers page of this website.