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MBR now supports DOIs

Starting in Volume 3 (2019) the Muma Business Review will begin employing DOI links in all citations made within the articles it publishes. This has become common practice in academic journals, and we expect it to become universal. In support of this process, we have already assigned DOI links to all our prior articles. These …

Peer Review Options

The MBR was established specifically to support the needs of three distinct constituencies: the academic community, DBA students, and the community of practicing managers. We recognize, however, that these communities often have different needs. Of particular interest: the importance of speed in the review process and the need for formality of that process.

Getting Ready to Go Live in Spring 2017!

Welcome to the home page of the Muma Business Review. We are currently completing and revising our initial round of submissions, and we expect to go live in spring 2017, with a target date of May 1. Our first publication, an editorial outlining our philosophy and policies, has already been published.