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MBR now supports DOIs

Starting in Volume 3 (2019) the Muma Business Review will begin employing DOI links in all citations made within the articles it publishes. This has become common practice in academic journals, and we expect it to become universal. In support of this process, we have already assigned DOI links to all our prior articles. These …

Intangible Capital: Culture of Innovation and its Impact on the Cash Flow Multiple

Intangible assets are growing exponentially as a component of company value, but these assets are often unmanaged due to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), which provide no accountability. This research paper reaffirms and expands a proven alternative approach, which utilizes the CoreBrand Index® to measure, value, and manage intangible assets, and their financial impact on …

Editorial: Welcome to the Muma Business Review!

What is the Muma Business Review (MBR)? Why would you read the MBR? Why would you submit your work to the MBR? Why would you serve as an MBR reviewer? This editorial provides a look at the MBR philosophy and procedures. Of particular interest is the way the journal uses templates and its flexible review …