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Getting Ready to Go Live in Spring 2017!

Welcome to the home page of the Muma Business Review. We are currently completing and revising our initial round of submissions, and we expect to go live in spring 2017, with a target date of May 1. Our first publication, an editorial outlining our philosophy and policies, has already been published. We publish articles online as soon …

Research Debate: Where Do Entrepreneurs Come From?

Is Entrepreneurship a skill to be trained, a natural ability, or both? Understanding the source of supply and/or the quantity supplied of entrepreneurs is crucial to encouraging new business creation. Can a community increase the supply and/or quantity supplied of entrepreneurs through programs, training, stimulus, and regulatory change? It is generally agreed that small and …

Editorial: Welcome to the Muma Business Review!

What is the Muma Business Review (MBR)? Why would you read the MBR? Why would you submit your work to the MBR? Why would you serve as an MBR reviewer? This editorial provides a look at the MBR philosophy and procedures. Of particular interest is the way the journal uses templates and its flexible review …