A Qualitative Approach to Understanding Adoption or Resistance of Long-standing Belief Systems within the Equine Industry

Long-standing belief systems are embedded both culturally and historically within the equine industry. A new belief system has been introduced into this industry causing friction to the traditional beliefs. The interviews under analysis are in pursuance of uncovering the possible reasons why people are resisting change or adopting a new belief system.

The equine industry is changing after hundreds of years of solid foundations built on long-standing beliefs. The natural horse and hoof introduction have spurred a push to wake up this sleeping, yet strong industry. Both factions of the industry, hoof care, and horsemanship are affected. The debate of natural versus traditional is growing causing friction in some areas and asking participants to pick a side.

This research was conducted with industry leaders that represent both sides: natural and traditional. Leaders were chosen for their role in either inciting adopting or resistance. Also included in the interview process are middle management professionals who are witnessing the friction of new beliefs and the contradictions to the industry status quo. This research was conducted by interviewing 41 leaders within the industry, representing a wide array of disciplines, both natural and traditional. Their viewpoints represent the current state of the industry under analysis.

Author: Robyn Lord

Link: https://doi.org/10.28945/4400

Cite as: Lord, R. (2019). A qualitative approach to understanding adoption or resistance of long-standing belief systems within the equine industry. Muma Business Review 3(10). 121-135. https://doi.org/10.28945/4400