Case Study: A Workplace Wellness Policy and HIV/AIDS Policy for Zambia’s Ministry of Tourism and Arts

The Ministry of Tourism and Arts (2018) identified an overall goal of utilizing Zambia’s natural and cultural resources as a tourism driver to increase economic growth for the country. However, the industry has experienced problems with attrition, productivity, and high mortality rates of wildlife police officers (WPOs) which negatively affects the ability to protect the wildlife and natural resources that drive the tourism industry.

A systematic review of the evidence was conducted in support of the Ministry of Tourism and Arts (MOTA) to identify the key components of a workplace wellness and HIV/AIDS program to reduce the attrition and mortality of the WPOs. The findings from the review indicate the essential components of a wellness workplace and HIV/AIDS policy can be bucketed into four categories: (a) program design; (b) program growth; (c) disease management and prevention; and (d) program evaluation. Findings also indicate that wellness programs have a positive correlation with absenteeism, job satisfaction, job performance/productivity, employee turnover, and return on investment (ROI). However, management involvement and support to resource a program and reduce the stigma associated with it are necessary for its success. This case study presents evidence-based recommendations to assist the MOTA with the development and implementation of an effective Wellness Workplace Policy focusing on HIV/AIDS, other communicable and noncommunicable diseases, addiction, and mental health support. Recommendations included the formation of a workplace wellness committee, development and communication of the wellness program, engagement through employee forums, increased training for leadership, and the involvement of stakeholders as program advisors.

Authors: Deanna L. Ammons, Chelsea Barker Walsh, Frank Badibanga, Denise Breckon


Cite as: Ammons, D.L., Walsh, C.B., Badibanga, F. & Breckon, D. (2020).Case study: A workplace wellness policy and HIV/AIDS policy for Zambia’s Ministry of Tourism and Arts. Muma Business Review 4(21). 201-220.