Chamber of Commerce Leaders: How aligned are they for their organization’s success?

There are over 7,000 chambers of commerce in the United States. Most are led by a paid staff Executive who serves for multiple years as a fulltime employee. They are also driven by a volunteer Chairperson who, typically, serves for one year. Working together is critical for organizational success.

A chamber of commerce is an association of businesses working together to influence issues relevant to their community for greater business success. Within the group of associations, there are chambers of commerce. Chambers are in over 190 countries around the world. In the United States, they govern under a “Private Law” system. This system mandates all membership in the chamber is voluntary, and they are self-governed except for any rule or law prescribed for any other business entity.

This research focuses on the leadership of a chamber of commerce in the United States. Chambers have led communities since the Colonial period in U.S. history. They have negotiated treaties on behalf of their city to underwriting new industry programs to strengthen their economy. They once were held up at the benevolent commerce directors for a town. Fast forward to today, and the view of the local chamber of commerce varies if there is an opinion of any kind. The chamber of today needs leadership working together for the success of the community and the success of the organization.

Authors: Robert J Rohrlack, Jr


Cite as: Rohrlack, R.J. (2020). Chamber of Commerce leaders: How aligned are they for their organization’s success?. Muma Business Review 4(7). 85-86.