Influencing Gender Specific Perceptions of the Factors Affecting Women’s Career Advancement Opportunities in the United States

This research investigates the sociological, psychological, and physiological factors known to affect women’s career advancement opportunities.

It examines how awareness and knowledge shared through the #MeToo (hashtag Me Too) movement influenced gender specific perceptions about the factors affecting women’s workplace opportunities. Finally, it recommends measures to alter the divergent gender perceptions that remain an obstacle to gender equality in the workplace. The researcher conducted a mixed method experimental study by comparing pre- and post-treatment interview and survey data to determine how much awareness and knowledge shared through the #MeToo mass media events impacted gender specific perceptions of women’s equality struggles in the workplace. With outcomes from three independent qualitative and quantitative investigations aligning, the researcher concluded the overall statistical results demonstrate a strong impact on men’s and women’s perceptions and a largely reduced gender perception gap following the #MeToo media events.

Author: Kevin Taliaferro


Cite as: Taliaferro, K. (2018). Influencing gender specific perceptions of the factors affecting women’s career advancement opportunities in the United States, Muma Business Review 2(12). 151-154.