Motivators of Job Satisfaction Among Financial Managers and The Role of Gender

Despite having tried extensively to recruit females to the financial management sector, the industry finds women remain a distinct minority. This paper utilizes the 2017 National Survey of College Graduates to further examine the female financial manager retention issue.

The findings confirm that females who studied finance are not working in their field (positions closely related to finance) to the same degree as males. Job satisfaction factors more highly correlated with overall job satisfaction in the sector tend to be motivators that are more intrinsic in nature for females. Correlations of the factors with job satisfaction tend to be higher for females in general compared to their male peers. These findings provide the impetus for future original survey research incorporating more expansive work in the areas of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators and their relationship to financial gender specific manager job retention. This work and the planned future work potentially may offer solutions to the female participation issue for the financial services industry.

Authors: Mark Mattia


Cite as: Mattia, M. (2020).Case study: A workplace wellness policy and Motivators of job satisfaction among financial managers and the role of gender. Muma Business Review 4(22). 221-234.