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How Does a Member’s Perception of Value Influence Their Decision to Join a Professional Organization?

A professional organization can increase their paying membership by providing items and activities of value to their members. The items and activities most desired from professional organizations include knowledge sharing, opportunities for collaboration, expanding professional networks, and the availability of collaboration spaces.

Can Insider Trading information be a Useful Tool for Investment Managers?

Can legal insider trading disclosure data reported to the SEC provide an effective tool for identifying investments at the company level?

Startup Business Plans: Do Academic Researchers and Expert Practitioners Still Disagree?

Academic researchers and practitioners disagree on the value and methodology of creating a startup plan. An analysis of the differences and the motivations of these two district communities gives insight into the challenges of planning a successful launch.

Public Facilities Management: Moving Toward Crisis

Facilities management has become increasingly challenging over the years as facilities expand and the cost of construction increases–all while available funds continue to remain volatile. Deferred maintenance is a mounting problem that is insurmountable in some cases. Why is this the case and how did we get here?

What Factors Influence Companies’ Successful Implementations of Technology Risk Management Systems?

As the Information Technology (IT) networks and systems used in business becomes more interconnected and intricate, research considers how risk management methods can identify critical technology and security risks, and determine the potential effects on the company should those risks be exploited.

What Critical Factors Do Companies Consider When Selecting Innovation Ideas?

Organizations are constantly seeking ways to reinvent themselves through innovation. The process of selecting ideas in the early stages of innovation has a significant impact on the probability for success of new products or services. This paper investigates the critical factors organizations consider in the selection process.