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Which Cultural Factors Reduce Retaliatory Behavior within Organizations?

Organizations can improve their complaint process and reduce retaliatory behavior by promoting a culture of collective identity and justice, implementing structures that maintain and restore justice, and through training to reinforce cultural values.

Retaining Military Veterans in the Civilian Workforce

Organizations are incurring significant economic losses due to the high rate of U.S. military veteran attrition during periods of post-service transition. The study explores the factors affecting veteran churn and makes recommendations for employers that may reduce this turnover.

Factors Affecting the Supply of “Missing Middle” Housing Types in Walkable Urban Core Neighborhoods

There is a high demand, yet insufficient supply for Missing Middle Housing types (MMH) (diverse low- to mid-rise housing types) in walkable urban core neighborhoods. This review investigates why.

How can Complex Organizations Engage in a Successful Restructuring while Simultaneously Improving the Delivery of Products and Capabilities?

A complex organization can impact a restructure by focusing on the processes and people behind it. Clear communication, an ambidextrous leadership style, training, and job resources can all contribute to maintaining employee engagement and the success of the restructuring initiative.

What is the Impact of Case Management on Medical Cost Reduction in Healthcare Insurance Companies?

Healthcare companies are forced to reduce medical costs to remain viable. This research study explores the relationship between case management and medical costs and identifies recommendations for managers to improve this process.

Is a Culture of Innovation Meaningless to Management?

It seems obvious that a culture of innovation would be good for a company’s performance. Unfortunately, accounting standards don’t allow for intangible assets, such as innovation, to appear on the balance sheet. Why then should a Culture of Innovation be measured, valued and managed, if the financial results are meaningless to executive management?

Locating a New Collegiate Entrepreneurship Program, a Framework for a University Campus

Where should a college place its entrepreneurship program? This study of existing programs, both domestic and international, serves to fill knowledge gaps in this field of study.